Dedicated Ride Co.


Dedicated Ride Company

Dedicated Ride Co. was originated in the heart of San Diego, Ca. as a Skate brand under the name Dedicated Athletics. After a decade long hiatus, the brand was reborn as Dedicated Ride Co. We are a family of athletes that are dedicated to our chosen passion. Whether you; SKATE, SURF, BMX or MOTO, we understand the risk, commitment and dedication it takes to ride on. Over the years, we have supported numerous professional and amateur athletes as they pursued their dream of reaching the top. We  are heavily involved in Supercross/Motocross and currently sponsor numerous professional and amateur riders. In addition to products, we also provide financial support to help our riders compete at the highest level. The majority of all sales go directly to our athletes. We offer Rider Support Programs and Sponsorships at many levels.  Like you, we have an intimate knowledge of the physical and mental challenges that riders face. When you buy Dedicated, not only are you getting quality products with the sickest style created in the leading action sport city, you are also helping athletes live their dream. We greatly appreciate the support and we welcome you to the Dedicated Family!